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Shell Gadus S2 U460A 2
Mỡ hiệu suất cao cho ngành công nghiệp nặng:
-  Chịu tải nặng
- Chống nước
- Lithium Calcium

- Cost Savings
Reduced grease consumption versus high quality Lithium greases, due to excellent adhesiveness, better resistance to washout & vibration that result from Shell’s "in house” formulation & manufacturing expertise. Lower waste grease disposal costs that result from lower usage.
Lower maintenance costs due to prolonged bearing operation that is possible when high quality, superior products are used.
Lower total labour costs, due to the extended lubrication intervals & less downtime that results from using a superior performance product.
- Peace of Mind
The knowledge that Shell is in FULL control from Research & Development to manufacture & quality assurance in our own
QS and ISO approved plants, which have often been audited and passed by quality conscious customers. Availability of Shell expertise, to assist in safely developing the cost savings available from the wide range of Shell products.
- Proven products that have been demonstrated to work in a range of field applications, giving them the pedigree expected from the largest Grease marketer in the world.
- Convenience
One supplier for all requirements, reduces time wasted on calls to numerous suppliers, simplifies way of working. Guaranteed suitable lubrication of equipment world-wide, as this product is part of the International SeaShell range of products, which can be found throughout the world. Availability wherever required, Nationally & Internationally.
(Shell now markets lubricants in more than 100 countries).
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