Types of Oils and Lubricants

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About Us
T&T Long An Co., Ltd was established in 2013, specializing in distributing LPG, lubricant and chemicals. We are a reliable partner of businesses in many fields, meeting the needs of using products in manufacturing, processing, transportation and many other fields. With expertise and professional skills, we have developed a wide distribution network and are strategic partners of many leading manufacturers in the country.

Our main products at T&T Long An Co., Ltd are:

1. LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas):
- Consultancy, design and installation of industrial LPG systems
- Distribution of 12kg and 45kg LPG cylinder from reputable brands from Japan, Philippines, France, Thailand such as Sopet One, Gia Dinh Gas, Phoenix Gas, Total Gas, Siamgas, Dau Khi Gas, VT Gas, Vimexco, Sai Gon Petro. Especially specializing in providing LPG 12kg cylinders for forklifts truck.

2. Lubricant: we distribute high-quality lubricants for Shell brand, with main products such as engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil. Ensuring compliance with international quality standards and stable performance for equipment.

3. Chemical: Our partners supply a wide range of chemical products used in many fields such as pharmaceutical, industry, agriculture, textile, water treatment, paint, electroplating, etc. With quality that meets safety standards and reasonable prices.

T&T Long An Co., Ltd is committed to bringing customers satisfaction with quality, competitive prices, the best service style to gain trust form our customers and sustainable development in the market.