Types of Oils and Lubricants | Axle and Transmission Oils
Shell Spirax S6 AXME
Superior performance, extended drain synthetic axle oil for Meritor, Scania and others:
- Greater efficiency and therefore higher fuel economy
- Longer oil drain capability
- Longer equipment life
- Less lubricant usage
- Recognised by leading equipment manufacturers
Shell Spirax S4 TXM
Premium, SAE 10W-30, Multi-functional Tractor Transmission and Hydraulic Oil:
- Enhanced protection
- Operator comfort
- OEM recognition
Shell Spirax S2 A
High quality, GL-5 axle oil:
- Comprehensive components: good anti-wear, anti-rust characteristics and oxidation stability.
- High quality base oils: resists oxidation, and maintains oil film between gears.
Shell Spirax S2 ATF D2
High Performance ATF, Power Steering and Hydraulic Oil On-Road Trucks and Cars:
- Friction modified
- High oxidation resistance
- Excellent shear-stability
- Dependable anti-wear protection
Shell Spirax S2 G90
High Quality API GL-4 Oil for Manual Transmissions and Gear Sets:
- Good anti-wear
- Anti-rust characteristics
- Oxidation stability
Shell Spirax S3 ATF MD3
High Performance Automatic Transmission Fluid in Many Applications:
- Friction modified
- Exceptionally high oxidation resistance
- Excellent shear-stability
- Dependable anti-wear and gear protection
- Low temperature performance
Shell Spirax S4 ATF HDX
Advanced Synthetic Technology Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission Fluid:
- Synthetic base oil technology
- Excellent shift feeling
- Extremely low temperature fluidity
- Shear stability
- Wear protection
- Maximum oil drain interval potential
- High temperature oxidation stability
Shell Spirax S4 CX50
High Performance Off-Highway Transmission and Hydraulic Oil for Many Applications:
- Frictional performance and material compatibility
- Anti-wear protection
- Low temperature characteristics
- Optimum mechanical performance and long oil life