LPG price in June 2020 is same with May 2020's price
SIAMGAS, Unique Gas, Gia Dinh Gas, Vimexco and other brands are same with May's price 2020 
- The End-User price of Siamgas & Unique Gas is 338,000 Vnd/Cylinder 12kg.
The End-User price of Gia Dinh Gas is 326,000 Vnd/Cylinder 12kg.
- The End-User price of Vimexco Gas is 315,000 Vnd/Cylinder 12kg.

Morning on 1st June 2020, LPG companies in Ho Chi Minh City & some provinces in the south have informed the LPG selling price in June 2020 are same with May 2020's price.
The new selling price will apply at 7h30 on 1st June 2020, the end-user price is 338,000 vnd/cylinder 12kg.
According to LPG companies, the reason is CP in June 2020 as 340.00 Usd/Mt and the selling exchange rate between VND/USD is 23,370.
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